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You are often told how smart you are, but you think you’ve just managed to fool everyone and are worried that one day they’ll see the “real” you.

You are a naturally excitable and passionate person, even if you don’t always show it on the outside.

In social situations, you feel you “absorb” other people’s emotions. You can be overwhelmed by everything going on around you, including sounds, light, textures, vibrations and/or other experiences.

You are tired from looking at everything from multiple perspectives and through different lenses so much that you aren’t sure what you think anymore.

Your psychological distress is sometimes expressed in your body through migraine headaches, allergies, digestive issues, asthma, and intense fatigue.

You form strong emotional attachments to people, places, and things. You may also have found separation from people you care about difficult from a young age.

Friendships/relationships have been difficult to maintain over time. Sometimes people don’t have the depth you’re looking for, other times you’ve been worried about being judged (again) for being your whole self.

You may be sensitive to unspoken rules and social nuances. You intensely dislike dishonesty, “doublespeak” situations, and inauthentic people.

Being acutely aware of the hypocrisies and complexities of life, as well as the suffering of others. This can be overwhelming, as you can’t “un-see” these details and has led to periods of anxiety/panic, sadness, grief, or depression. Others may not understand the depth of these feelings when you reach out.

You feel (or have been told) you are “too much” or “too sensitive.” This may have led to self-doubt, feeling deeply misunderstood (even by those close to you), and feeling unable to reach your full potential.

People often tell you to “stop thinking about it so much,” but your thoughts don’t stop. You’re not sure you could even imagine a mind where nothing is happening.

You have very high standards for yourself and may be a perfectionist. You may also have difficulty accepting that mistakes are a part of life.

I utilize a collaborative and straightforward approach to therapy. I value honesty, creativity, intuition, compassion, and humor. Read more about my approach to therapy.

I offer psychotherapy to adults and adolescents which is focused on healing from past negative experiences and learning to embrace your whole self.

Sometimes my clients identify as “gifted,” “neurodivergent,” or “twice- (multi-) exceptional,” but this is not required to work with me. I am more interested in your experiences of life (such as those listed above) than specific diagnoses or labels.

You can read about the types of appointments I currently offer on the Services page.

Gifted Healing is a telepsychology practice based in Springfield, MO and owned by Marissa Casey, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist.

Not in Missouri? See the list of states where I can practice telepsychology.

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The No Surprises Act gives clients the right to a “Good Faith Estimate” of the cost of services requested/suggested before beginning services. Please read our No Surprises Act disclosure. For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, visit www.cms.gov/nosurprises.

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